Zed's Party game boxZed's Party with the Gromes is the most versatile board game in the World!

Any number of people can play this game, from the approximate age of seven upwards. It is a participation game of song, dance, mime, dexterity, quick wits, and fun. You can play the standard game which will last for approximately an hour and a half or, you can set your own time limit and stop playing after half an hour, two hours, or play all day if you like and end with a Zed's Party champion at any time. The game changes every time you play it so you will never get tired of having fun.

The game was invented by Zed Rodgers, playwright, screenwriter, actor, songwriter, musician, singer, ex-international DJ and the author of The Gromes in “A Top Hat Day” and The Gromes in “The Contract”. The reading age for these books starts at around ten and they are enjoyed by adults as well as youngsters. The main characters George, Humphrey, Veronica, and Bob are fun loving creatures from another dimension, who find themselves trapped in our world in the fifties and sixties and have incredible adventures, both funny and scary, in England, Wales, and the USA. Read about these books here.

In both books the fun-loving Gromes, play party games amid their adventures on both sides of the Atlantic. Hence Zed thought it was a good idea to incorporate them in this versatile board game. Although, you don't have to read the books to have a wild, fun time, playing this easy to set up game.

This board game is the most versatile, exciting, and fun game in the world. It is suitable for, three or more players and anyone around the age of 7/8 and upwards. Grandparents have fun with this game as well, and when teenagers or students play it on their own, it changes again. You can play it for as long as you like and a player can even leave the game to make beverages for their guests without it affecting the game.

The advantages of Zed's Party with the Gromes over other boardgames are:

  • The game can be set up and you can start playing in about two minutes as there are no complicated rules.
  • Any number of people can play, from 3 to 20 and over.
  • Because of the changing nature of the game, brain teasers and activities, children and adults have an equal chance of winning, so this is a great game for family fun.
  • You can even leave the game for a few minutes to make a cup of tea, coffee, or any other beverage, then re-join the game without it making any difference to the outcome.
  • The game constantly changes so, you will never get tired of having fun.
  • When students or teenagers play the game, it can change again!
  • This is the most versatile and enjoyable boardgame in the world. It's even educational!

Who cares who wins, just have fun! Zed

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All the best, Zed.

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