Listen to the Gromes theme song

This crazy song was written by Zed and Guitarist Tom Murray, who also sings lead, Zed is on backing vocals and percussion. The song was produced by Daniel B James of Blaenavon.

The Gromes' books are suitable for all readers above the age of ten, to adult. They would both make fabulous Christmas and birthday presents. They are fast paced, full of adventure, surprises, and humour.

The Gromes in

The Gromes in A Top Hat Day: book coverIn this first book, four lovable creatures, the Gromes, George, Veronica, Humphrey, and Bob from another dimension, accidentally crash through to 1950’s England, during a riot in their world. In the struggle to get home, they team up with Ted and Rosie, retired ballroom dancers with a big ambition. The Gromes have no alternative but to help Ted and Rosie to rob the bank, that has turned them down for a loan to pay for their final ballroom dancing competition in the USA. In return, Rosie promises to enlist the help of her friend Robert, the American scientist, to invent a machine to get the Gromes home to their own dimension.

A gang of vicious criminals become their mortal enemies because of the bank robbery and chase them across England and America. Along the way the Gromes and Ted are kidnapped by different villains on two continents. Two English detectives, Dumloader and Stitch, get the situation hilariously wrong and they all get tangled up with the mafia and the NYPD. Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, Gene Kelly, Bill Haley, and Marilyn Monroe all appear in this sometimes scary, but always funny, madcap story of riots, bank robbery, shoot outs, freak shows, kidnap, and road trips.

I really like this book; it made me laugh. Bob Rogers of the Abergavenny Chronicle and author of the acclaimed novel North wind.

I have asked my brother to clear off the shelf in the library, next to my shrine to Terry Pratchett, just for your books. Please continue to be fabulous. Emma 12, in Germany.

The characters are all so good, I even found myself liking the baddies. Lyn 95, in Hull.

I loved it all. Fiji Willetts, 10 years old from Bristol.

Good read! Funny stuff! Richard Blade, top Hollywood radio DJ, actor, and best-selling author. USA.

My two granddaughters loved this book, they are 10 and 12, and English is their second language! Johnny Hansen. Norway

The Gromes in

The Gromes in The Contract: book coverThe Gromes in “The Contract”, the second book in the series, is a fast paced, riotous romp, through the mid-sixties pop and football scenes, it is packed full of adventure, surprises, and humour. This book is suitable reading for all ages, from ten years old, up to adult. Three of the four main characters, Veronica, Humphrey, and Bob, find themselves in England in the 60s and must travel to America in search of George who, unbeknown to them, has been incarcerated in a prison being threatened with execution. They experience many exciting, humorous, and scary, life-threatening adventures. They form a pop band to try and infiltrate an inter-state song contest in San Francisco, where they believe there has been a contract put out on their friend Rita's life by the Mafia. After the contest, they enjoy a little success with their band in the USA, then return to England, where they attempt to obtain a recording contract for their friend Rita.

They are pursued by a gang of vicious criminals just released from prison; hell bent on revenge. A British Army Major, obsessed with space travel and aliens, will stop at nothing to capture the Gromes because he believes, erroneously, that they have superior alien knowledge that will benefit England's military capabilities. They perform with a circus, on Top of the Pops, rescue the Jules Rimet world football cup trophy, meet Bobby Moore, and perform their number one football song at half time at Wembley Stadium during the World Cup Final.

Along the way they write a hit song about Leicester City Football Club, meet Chubby Checker in San Francisco, the Beatles in Carnaby Street, London, the Dave Clark Five in Tottenham, and Tom Jones in Pontypridd, Wales. The Gromes end up in Wales on the Brecon Beacons for a scary finale, attempting to return to their own dimension in a machine invented by an American scientist, with the British Army Major trying to stop them. The people of Abergavenny, where they rescued some local children from escaped circus lions, and the South Wales Borderers, clash with the Major's British Army, in an attempt to help the Gromes. Will they overcome the overwhelming odds and escape back to their own dimension? You'll have to read the book to find out.

The madcap, mayhem with the Gromes, will continue in book three, The Gromes in “The Conspiracy”.

Both the books are available from the Amazon Bookstore.