How your family can have fun playing Zed's Party with the Gromes

There are no complicated rules to learn and everybody can start having fun with this game within in two or three minutes. All you have to do is, set the board game out and choose a playing piece, place them in the centre of the board, throw the dice and start. The object of the game is to win ticks on the “Been There Done That” scoresheet. To do this you must enter any of the twelve “Fun Centres” and pick up a corresponding card from around the edge of the board. You don’t have to throw the exact number on the dice to stay in the centre, if you throw too high a number, don’t go through the centre, just stay there, and have fun. However, you must comply with the instructions on the card immediately, they will tell you to compete in a game against the other players or the clock, and if you are successful, you can tick the scoresheet. The person with the most ticks when you decide to stop playing, is the “Zed’s Party” champion. Do you think you could stand on one leg for longer than your kids? Can you imagine Grandma trying to blow a balloon across the room in the fastest time, or Granddad trying to catch an orange blindfolded!

picture of game board from above

As you can see from this picture of the board, there are twelve different “Fun Centres” to experience. As soon as you enter a centre you stop there, pick up a game card from around the board, follow the instructions on it and start having fun.

There are 144 game cards, and every one of them has a different game on it for you to play against the clock, or against the other players. If you beat the clock or the other players, you can tick the “Been There Done That” scoresheet. The player with the most ticks at the end of the game is the “Zed's Party” champion. Do you think you can you beat your family or friends in a multitude of physical, or mind testing games? This boardgame will get children, even teenagers, out of their bedrooms, off their phones and video games, even if it is just to laugh at you. It will make them interact socially and bring them back into family life by having fun together.

A family that plays together, stays together. Zed