About Zed

Zed started his showbiz life as a dancer, in a duo called Perpetual Motion but he ran out of energy and became a DJ (disc jockey) instead. We believe he was the only DJ to start work without owning any records/discs. He regained his energy and went mobile, which meant he took sound equipment to functions and clubs and played vinyl records for the public's entertainment. He even took a vintage wind-up gramophone with him at one point, until too many of his old 78 rpm records got broken. When he was fed up breaking records, he stopped being a champion of sorts and went on to being a top international club, star DJ in Scandinavia. He travelled all over Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, before performing as the resident DJ in the biggest club in Scandinavia (The Hard Rock Café, which turned into Daddies Dance Hall). There he shared a few beers with Dr Hook, who had given up his Medicine by this time, but Zed also worked with such diverse acts as Screaming Lord Sutch, Osibisa, Showaddywaddy, and Chuck Berry.

He chucked that in and moved back to England, where he worked as a potato leveller and started a family. When he came back down to earth from that heady occupation, he started performing with a Punch and Judy outfit called Starlight Entertainments, as the front man in a marionette puppet show for children and toured all over the Midlands. After pulling a few strings, he wangled his way back to his home city of London, where he built and ran the Oasis Karting Project, a motor sport charity for under privileged children in Stockwell. During his time as the Karting Co-ordinator, he set up a kart track in Battersea Park for the Capital Radio Adventure Day, where he met and had a long chat with the future King Charles, not the spaniel, but the real thing!

He had a reality check at this point and decided to return to the entertainment world and gained a place at the prestigious Rose Bruford College of Speech and Drama. He was persuaded to return to international DJ'ing by an offer he couldn't refuse, after which he went into acting and gained parts in over twenty films from big budget features to no budget shorts. In between acting, he donned his shorts and became the theatre and dance director for The Clapham Festival of Music and Drama. The festival took place but wasn't a great success due to big ambitions and small budgets. He has worked on radio as a presenter for CMR, Country Music Radio for Europe, it was broadcast all over Europe by satellite. He wrote and built his own children's glove puppet show, called Zed's Castle, which he toured around London and the Home Counties for a few years. So, he knows a bit about keeping children happy and entertained. He has even played the part of a bear in a London Panto!

He has signed autographs as a playwright, dancer, novelist, DJ and actor but not yet as a musician, (you have to be good to do that Zed!). He has written screenplays, books, an historical documentary, stage plays, a musical, over one hundred songs, short auto-biographical stories, performed as a guitarist with a couple of bands, is at present in a ukulele outfit, has been a model for a series of historical books, a quizmaster, and a charity shop worker for animals. Variety is the spice of life!

Most of Zed's life has been devoted to making people happy and encouraging them to have fun. His board game, Zed's Party with the Gromes, will bring further joy to the world. That would be a good song title!


Music videos directed by Zed

I Can See You Breathing, by MRS Music

All the Way, by MRS Music ft Tasha

Zed also wrote the lyrics.

What If, by Spurge Soundtracks

Zed also wrote the lyrics, sang lead, and performed as “World Cup Clive”.

Theatre directing

“It's Informal” a comedy play for the stage written by Zed Rodgers, was also directed by Zed, and was staged in London at the “Production Village Theatre”, Cricklewood.

Song writing & singing credits

Zed singing

Light up the Game, by MRS Music (the Leicester City football song)

Zed was the singer and lyricist.

Hoping for a Silent Night, by MRS Music

Zed wrote the lyrics and sang acapella at the end in German.

A couple of Chaps, by MRS Music

Zed wrote the lyrics and sang a duet with CM Mooney, the composer.

Henry's Hammer, by MRS Music

Zed wrote the lyrics and sang the lead.

Stage plays, written by Zed

It's Informal Staged in London.

Ghost Writer A ghost story, whodunnit, set in the 1950s is awaiting its first staging.

Second Liberty Being re-drafted.

Screen Plays, and future projects, written by Zed

“Pink Elephant” Rocks

This feature film, comedy drama, is set-in present-day Wales and is being promoted by the Bay International Group, which encourages Welsh talent. Bay International is looking for a director and a producer for this project.

Outlaw In-Laws

A comedy drama feature film, set-in present-day America, which will be shopped around Hollywood again by Voyage Media after the hiatus caused by the writers and actor’s strike. Voyage media are looking for actors to play the lead roles and a co-producer.

Selina Countess of Huntingdon

An historical feature film, work in progress, about the famous Countess, who left an indelible mark on the Evangelical Awakening of the Eighteenth Century. This film will again be promoted by the Bay International Group, when finished.

For TV

Hywell/Howell Harris

A Documentary about a charismatic non-ordained Welsh Preacher in the Eighteenth Century. This film is also being promoted by the Bay International Group.

Zed's Band activities past and present

The Beaulieu Brothers: Cabaret Trio, disbanded.

MRS Music: Studio band, Zed left when he moved to Wales.

The Tin Shed Collective: Pop and rock band, Zed left.

Mynd i'r Gap: Welsh Ceilidh band, which does the occasional gig.

BUGs: Ukulele pop band, presently gigging.

Rhymney Valley Rockers: Pop and rock group, another work in progress.

Film Acting credits

Zed has had acting roles in over twenty films from big budget features to no budget shorts.

He was in “Rush” (but ended up on the cutting room floor!)

He was also in “Twenty8k” with Parminder Nagra of “Bend it like Beckham” and ER fame. He also played the lead role in a short film, called “Caviar”. Both these films were shown at the Cannes film festival in the same year, 2012 or 2013, and Zed, who attended the festival at the request of one of the directors, was perhaps the only actor there to appear in two films in the same year.

Last but not least

You can read about Zed’s two published novels about “The Gromes”, by clicking on “Books”, on this site. He has started to write the third book in the trilogy, The Gromes in “The Conspiracy”, which is set in the 1970s.

Zed has contributed stories to two books published by Pinky Blue Publishing. “GREAT IDEA!”, published in 2020 and “THAT’S HOW IT WAS”, the follow up to Great Idea, published in 2023. Both books were written and collated by Alan Lawrie and are about international disc jockeys in the 1970s and 80s and what they got up to after working abroad, which Zed was and did. Contact pinkybluepublishing@gmail.com or visit Pinky Blue Publishing

Zed has also written the book and lyrics for a stage musical, WASA. Set in 1519 in Sweden, it is about the adventures of the first elected king of Sweden to start a succession. He was the nobleman that united Sweden as a nation. An amazing story of courage against all odds, seldom told or even heard of outside Scandinavia. This musical if it gets produced, will be the next “Les Mis”.

Zed wants to find a top Swedish melodic composer to set the lyrics to music.

Get in touch with Zed's Party Ltd. by emailing zed@zedsparty.com